by Toasted Plastic

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released July 5, 2014

recorded and mixed by cameron konner
in ridgewood new jersey

produced by toasted plastic
mastered by mike ditrio
design by sam kendrick

all songs written by toasted plastic:
sam kendrick -- guitar/vox
cameron konner -- drums/vox
duke greene -- bass



all rights reserved


Toasted Plastic New Jersey

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Track Name: Shevell
caught in the rain, left in the sunlight to dry for a few days. honest mistake, do you honestly think i would’ve complained? it’s clear now that this could go one of two ways. work it out, deceive me, no more tricks to play for now. i think we’re on the same page. left up to chance, brought on by coincidence. the look of innocence on your face fades. you seem rather thrown by the damage you’ve left in your wake
Track Name: Haunted
i’d share but I'm scared to. laid to rest before you ever got a chance. moving on despite arrangements thought unplanned. tightened grip, fell through the openings in my hands. bending over, picking up the pieces swept under the table. cutting fingers on the glass, broken nails. rebuilding the walls, the structure’s still unstable. gathering the ashes, dust in my eyes. fled without a reason, leaving well enough alone. regardless of where you went, you seem so far from me. i can’t recall the way it used to be, what about you? i’d write it off, but there’s still time. with voices soft, i’d share but i’m scared to
Track Name: Excellence In Motion
shattered windows, the trembling floor. pulled from under and dragged ashore. barely breathing and nearly blind, spitting water, regaining light.
mark off where you'll stand, a line drawn in the sand. a moments notice, the moment at hand. once it cleared up, i felt at home, but reminiscing often. sometimes I think I knew your boundaries, thats what kept me stimulated. strewn across the boardwalk, swept up by the breeze. firm at the center, quivering at the knees. salt on the table, water under the bridge. willing to forget, slower to forgive.
Track Name: Jemco
reasonable doubt in the air, washing out the dirt from their hair. stepping over stones, through the undergrowth. they’ve come across a fork in the road. reasonable doubt lingers in the air. a memory of what was there. faltered and unprepared. something tells me this needs to break down before it grows. holding back, the tensions high, waiting at the starting line, the whistle never blows. filling up the holes once closed. turned out all the lights so i could see with clarity. what once scared you is now beginning to help me separate carefully.
Track Name: Tape Outro (bonus track)
~featured on the cassette version~
Track Name: ExiLncNmshn (bonus track)
~remix of excellence in motion~
~prod. by cameron~
Track Name: XTRA-Haunted (bonus track)
~remix of haunted~
~prod. by cameron~