Ares Vallis

by Toasted Plastic

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released November 18, 2011

recorded by dave benton and cameron konner
produced by toasted plastic
mixed by cameron konner
mastered by mike ditrio
conor kravitz featured in gang vox

thanks to: dave benton, mike ditrio, mike caridi, colin alexander, stephen feld, spook houses, figurehead, somewhere ohio, marley, dave curren, dave, devin, dave and devin, marley, mom, dad, sherry, murlmee, caseta, marley.

sam kendrick - guitar / vox
cameron konner - drums / vox
matt sehrsweeney - bass / vox



all rights reserved


Toasted Plastic New Jersey

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Track Name: So Much Time
stare at the door, can’t think no more
I drag my feet across the floor
staying up all night watch the seconds going by
I'll walk with heavy shoulders till I reach the other side

how many times have I said
I’m not sure if I’m breathing
but if I were to drop dead
would that stop you from leaving

somewhere far from where the waters lie
I’ll try to find a quiet place to hide
beginning to wonder why I try so hard
to find the right moment to start

so much time has passed me by
you’re still waiting
think I would forget the past
I’m not crazy
(I’m just lazy)
Track Name: Tangled Glare
planting trees for us to sit by when we grow old
among all these tangled branches I'm glad I have something to hold

they’re uneven
you’re the reason

I can’t relax myself when I’m sitting here alone

so she’ll stay up all night long

follow all the paths that take me home,
but I’ll sit right down on the floor waiting patiently alone

somewhere past the headlights' constant glare,
you will find yourself looking for all the things you never wrote

you always used to sit out on the phone and
talk about all the things that make you feel less alone

somewhere past the headlights' constant glare
you will find yourself looking for all the things you
thought you could let go

I’d rather not go

follow all the paths that take me home but I’m still lost
Track Name: Goodnight
nightmares, all I can feel
I think I can do it
who are you you ran away from me

where did you go
going down is not a choice
I just wanna hear your voice
lost within out of my mind
what is there for me?

pushing me to make it work
telling me you care but you just
don’t want to
turn the hour glass
another week has passed and I still
try not to (leave my thoughts with you)

you are gone

and here comes the night
my dreams I can run away
I can hide from real life
and here comes the night
if i could just sleep
then maybe I’d feel alright

it all looks different when I am alone
hope when its over im not on my own

sticking our feet in the snow but
soon enough you’ll let them go
long enough is too much time to
think of all you’ve left behind

walking only takes you so far
guess we’ll have to wait for tomorrow
I’ll still be around
trying to figure it out

so far we’ve got nothing at all
Track Name: Late Foliage
countless windows that I’ve sat at many nights
don’t take my word
I’ll say I won’t be late but I’m never on time

stop watching
I’m not here

I’ve learned to expect the worst of situations
those days have passed
no matter what we do we are bound to be haunted

I know that things are better now that I have fallen
but the thought of letting go is not an option
don’t let small things make you change or stand in your way
stare at puddles to reflect the past, reflect my self
telling myself, never feel again

just a face
to fill the void
I need a break
they don’t have what im looking for

forget what you said
close the door and bury my head
under mountains and oceans I’ll slip beneath the waves
count the hours I’m wasting everyday
Track Name: Just For Show
quietly you speak up
you’re awake enough to sleep through

it’s not the same, It’s not the same
it’s not the same as I thought

laying out out on the floor
I can see that time is moving slower
you’re staring at the door
but couldn’t say what you’re waiting for

away from home my slight affair
the courtroom is full
walk through the house
when nobody’s home

it’s not like your stand has a reason
it’s just for show
you don’t hurt like the other ones
they always seem so smooth

they just wanna be your friend
but if not me it seems nobody can
spending nights at my bedside
a mile the bench will never know why

it’s always there but it’s not the same
it’s no ones fault there’s no one to blame
I thought it wouldn’t last long
but I knew I was wrong

and sometimes I talk
when there’s no one there to listen
and I thought it’d be easier then this
but I guess that I’ll try

although your heart is small
you won’t hold a grudge
as long as you stay here
I’ll try not to Judge
Track Name: Sidewalk
lock the door before you leave
staring backwards can deceive
i've often thought of how i ought to think about these things

dead birds litter the sidewalk
they see us watching 
i could say that it’s just nothing
time to replay a memory
don’t want them fading
sorry if I seem forgetful

don’t say that, It’s okay
they’re outside
can you not ask me twice
think I’m blind
we’re alright

running through the driveway late at night, to see
shadows that are leading me to light, to dream
somedays I try but never seem to leave