June Highs

by Toasted Plastic

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thank you for listening.


released June 14, 2013

recorded and mixed by cameron konner
in ridgewood new jersey

co-produced by sam kendrick
mastered by mike ditrio
design by sam kendrick

all songs written by toasted plastic

sam kendrick :: guitar/vox
cameron konner :: drums/vox
duke greene :: bass

thank you: matt sehrsweeney, mike ditrio, friends & family, dave benton, nicknames, marley, tawny peaks, voyager beach club, weed, based on the novel "push" by sapphire, the barrel, the soup kitchen, caseta, marley, ruby bertola, julia scroggin, john warrington, the judge, tiger feld, dave curren, nancy, marley

highschool - senior



all rights reserved


Toasted Plastic New Jersey

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Track Name: Romantic
The only things I can remember
The only lines that I've rehearsed
The only way you want things to stay,
but you're too far to actually make a change

All things considered, this is is just one more thing to risk

Things that leave me feeling deaf
listening to the wind as the clouds begin to break
Chasing trails with no return
hoping you'd wake up with lessons learned and life observed

Underneath it all you'll find
I've changed my mind,
and in time these roads will keep me wondering
what spot we're in

But how come the door slams shut when things seem too late?
What dreams?
What fate? Tell me
Not sure where you went
Following your scent
The wind blew shut the door you had left open
This is nothing new to you,
branches break and light falls through

The only things I can remember
The only lines that I've rehearsed
The only way you want things to stay,
just like they were when I was away
Track Name: Captain
With every passing day,
I'm becoming more aware of the obstacles
surrounding all of my plans to make you care
Finally safe in your empty hands,
I'm making the same mistakes I always have
You told me a short story about patience, but I forget how it went
So what? It's not the same
I can't let go if things don't change
But I guess it's only fair
It's glaringly apparent you think I'm either misinformed or unaware,
but trust me, I was there
You've been buried underneath my street
(Don't make the same mistake)
and as you slowly return to your feet,
(Don't you feel safe?)
you have trouble understanding why it seems so much worse
to exist only in theory
Recalling a short story you once recited to me,
I urge you not to worry, but I'm not sure why,
it's not like I'm in a position to lie
I've made my decision, hope you know that I'll come around
Track Name: Evil
Start slowly
Faking will get you so far,
and laying in lies that you can't discard

But now is your second chance,
and don't expect for me to win them all
It's like you've seen it all before
And maybe that's the story
I'm not one to fool around
You keep forgetting this won't stop reoccurring
Since I'm being honest, I thought you should know
the stab on my back rips and bleeds
letting me know you've shown up
But nothing can ease the pressure this wound holds
I knew what was wrong when I felt how cold you were
I told you so

Stay the same in my dreams
I've had time to know that things are not what they seem
and mental loyalty is not something that comes easy to me
Track Name: Chef
Growing undisturbed,
whispering softly but stumbling over words
This uncertainty gives me comfort while I lay here
Stuck fighting off the urge,
but understanding that things could be worse
And you keep telling me to watch out
before I get hurt

Waiting for the sun to make a constant quench of thirst
and soon enough becomes immersed,
drying up and leaving dirt
I would never say I'm going home to get away
but there are memories that are etched into my head

(Falling flat)
Trying to lead you away
(Talking back)
Don't listen to what they say
(Hoping that)
Hollowed out trees line the halls
(You'd relax)
Quietly obscuring the walls

Slanted toward the choice of isolation,
hoping that she'll one day grab the patience
Every time you walk the streets unaware,
taken by the fact that I just stand there,
and I don't care
I said I'd meet you in the treetops,
but I got caught up in the roots
It seems that dirt and twigs have replaced dreams of
greener leaves and fruits

Growing undisturbed,
whispering softly about nothing
Track Name: Anxious
You dig deeper with every movement,
but crossing boundaries was not your intent
Cover your tracks while there's still time
There's nothing left for me to find
You seem a little less frustrated now that they've been proven wrong,
but something tells me this is what you'd been
expecting all along
And as the smoke is clearing you can finally see where
you left off
Letting go is the only way to find the silver lining

Have you ever looked at who you are,
and what you've made yourself into?
Chasing dreams you've left behind,
Leaving those who've looked to you
I bet it's hitting your soft spot by now
Destructive criticism allowed
Choices that help mold the ones we've become,
For one thing I'm happy I know where I'm from
Family pictures bring tears to your face
I always thought one day you'd fix what you'd break
But thats the way it goes, and I will not make the same mistake

You've cut all the ties, but you still seem surprised
You've cut all the ties,
but I don't mind

So close to letting you know
Now you've changed your tone a bit
Track Name: Calamarley
I don't think you're serious enough
These things seem so tedious to me
Say what you want, but you're influenced by everything
Head first dives and sympathy set free

(Nestled in the grave I helped you dig
Finding comfort in these kinds of things
You still say to keep an open mind
My voice gets quieter every time I try)

Try to find another way to get out
Tracing your steps but you still find yourself blaming me
You're listening for the sounds that I have gone away
Folding myself in half but growing all the same
Trying to organize whatever still remains

I just don't think you're serious
I'm getting tired of feeling this
of hearing this

I'm moving myself further away from the edge, and I'm hoping
I hope but I doubt you'll ever find out
The dirt above your head must be getting to you by now

As far as I can see from my footsteps is probably as far as I'll get
This place seems emptier without you, or so I thought
Track Name: Snow
I'm listening too carefully
The spaces in between your words are slowly killing me,
but I'm bored of playing waiting games without you
(Pace yourself before you go)
I'm thinking much harder than I should,
but maybe racing thoughts will prop me up from where I stood
This is going the same way that I was told it would

(Hanging by a thread)
It seems the more that I look,
the more meaningless this image becomes

While I was still awake, you tried to tell me something
but we decided we'd be better off if some things were left unsaid

It seems the more that I look, the more I'm missing
look away
Track Name: Charlotte
You're the result of an unfinished sentence I can't end
It's difficult to erase my steps when I can hardly tell where I stand
Sometimes everything is better left to fall apart
through memories,
but these are the places where I'd be better off
if time would freeze

Nursing their wounds makes you nauseous
Shattered and bruised, but still cautious
Left alone to weigh all the options

Make those moments count
Try to wait it out without making a sound
Feel it pulsing as you gently lay it down

Dig through your regrets
Walk on, your secret's kept
They're losing nothing if they don't find out
But I'm not, and you're not giving it up

Bending over backwards knowing something else will pull me back down to the ground
By the time you settle back into your bed,
you'll start to realize that it's not all in your head
and you'd be so much better off instead
I don't want to go there
This pathway drives the repair